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Dundas, Hamilton Real Estate Listings

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Dundas Market

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The former municipality of Dundas can be found in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.


Dundas is very car friendly. It is especially convenient to park. However, commuting by transit can be difficult in Dundas as a result of the service's low frequency. Nevertheless, there are a few bus lines crossing the former municipality, and bus stops are not very far-removed from most properties. It is difficult for people walking to navigate this area as carrying out daily needs is inconvenient on foot. Getting around by bicycle is also challenging in Dundas as there are quite a few elevation changes, and the bicycling network is not especially extensive.


Parents and their schoolchildren will appreciate that wherever their property is located in this part of the city, primary schools are close by. In contrast, parents may consider it difficult for their children to get to high schools on foot. Along with public schools, there are private primary and secondary schools. Regarding food, a portion of residents in Dundas may be able to do their groceries on foot in one of about 10 stores, while others will have to rely on a vehicle. A limited selection of restaurants and coffee shops is available as well.


The character of Dundas is exemplified by its relaxed ambience. This area is reasonably quiet, as the streets are usually reasonably peaceful - however some parts can be quite noisy, especially closer to one of the railway lines, Highway 403 or Highway 6. Finally, there are around 30 green spaces nearby for residents to discover, which makes them easy to reach from a large number of locations in the former municipality.


In Dundas, roughly 60% of dwellings are single detached homes, while large apartment buildings, small apartment buildings, and townhouses make up most of the remaining housing stock. Around one third of properties in this area were constructed before the 1960s, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s. This part of Hamilton also has a good choice of housing sizes; it is quite easy to find properties ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. Homeowners occupy roughly three quarters of the units in the former municipality whereas the rest are rented.

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