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Glanbrook, Hamilton Real Estate Listings

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Glanbrook Market

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Glanbrook is a former municipality in Hamilton, Ontario.


Driving is an excellent mode of transportation in this part of Hamilton. It is very easy to park. Commuting by bicycle is sometimes difficult in this part of Hamilton since the terrain is not particularly flat, and there are few bike lanes. This former municipality is also not very suitable for walking as running daily errands is very challenging.


Families may consider it very difficult for their children to get to high schools and primary schools as pedestrians. In addition, there are only a very small number of daycares and thus they can be a very long walk away. At the elementary level, both public and private schools can be found. With respect to food, purchasing one's groceries usually demands the use of a car in this part of the city.


Glanbrook is quiet overall, as the streets are generally calm - however noise can be an issue close to the airport (YHM). Public green spaces are spread out sporadically, which makes it rather challenging to reach them from numerous locations within this former municipality. Still, there are about 20 parks close by for residents to discover.


Single detached homes are the most common housing type, representing the majority of dwellings in Glanbrook, while townhouses are also present in the housing stock. This part of Hamilton offers mainly four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy roughly 95% of the units in Glanbrook and 5% are rented. Most homes in this part of Hamilton were built after the year 2000, during its biggest building boom.

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