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Sold listings only available in Nova Scotia
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New Listings in Richmond

New Listings in Richmond

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Richmond Market

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About Richmond

Centrally located only 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, the island of Richmond is one of the most sought-after cities on the West Coast. Home to Vancouver's International Airport and one of the host cities for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Richmond is experiencing rapid growth. As the city continues to develop the waterfront and downtown areas, Richmond is unique in that is offers a balance of both urban and rural areas.

The multicultural city of Richmond is well-known for its commitment to sustaining fish and bird habitats during migration. With these sustainability practices in mind, Richmond residents on average experience a greater life expectancy compared to the rest of Canada. The city is intertwined with nearly 100 parks and plenty of recreational areas, allowing residents to enjoy the ideal climate year-round and stay active.

As a rapidly growing city, popular for new immigrants, Richmond offers a combination of affordable, subsidized, and rental housing options. Development is also central to Richmond, with apartments and single-family homes dominating the city. The budding city of Richmond can't wait to welcome you home!