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Open Houses in Little Italy, Toronto

Open Houses in Little Italy, Toronto

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Little Italy

Situated within the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area, Little Italy is a neighbourhood within Toronto, Ontario.


Homeowners in this part of the city are provided with several options to travel without using a car. Little Italy is an extraordinarily pleasant part of Toronto for pedestrians; running daily errands is especially convenient by walking, and plenty of businesses are very close by. Bicycling is very embraced in this neighbourhood as the cycling infrastructure is very comprehensive, and bike-share stations are rarely more than a short distance away. Little Italy is very transit friendly. More specifically, the neighbourhood is linked by a few bus lines, and it is especially convenient to get to a nearby bus stop from most residences. In contrast, travelling by car is occasionally difficult in Little Italy. That being said, nearby highways are quite easy to drive to from anywhere in this part of the city.


A general and a specialty grocery store is always only a very short walk away in Little Italy. In addition, there are around 30 restaurants and a few coffee shops to experience in Little Italy. It is also a very short distance to a great variety of clothing stores. As far as education is concerned, schools and daycares are straightforward to walk to from any location in Little Italy.


Little Italy offers a variety of experiences for home buyers who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time outdoors. There are numerous lively parts in this area to explore. There is a wide selection of entertainment venues, the streets are almost always busy with people, and places to go out at night are well-distributed throughout the neighbourhood. Greenery is not especially present in this area; more specifically, residents will find that there are relatively few tree-lined streets. However, parks are especially well-spread out and there are a few of them close by for residents to unwind in, making them very easy to access.


The proportions of homeowners and renters are about even. In this neighbourhood, around half of dwellings are small apartment buildings, while the remainder are mainly townhouses. A majority of the housing growth in this area took place before the 1960s. This area is primarily composed of one bedroom and three bedroom homes.