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Sold listings only available in some regions.
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Bathurst Quay, Toronto Real Estate Listings

6 Houses for Sale in Bathurst Quay, Toronto

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Bathurst Quay

Part of the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area, Bathurst Quay is a neighbourhood within Toronto, Ontario.


Bathurst Quay presents house buyers with the choice between several means of transportation. The public transit network in Bathurst Quay is very convenient. More specifically, there are no bus routes passing through the neighbourhood. Physically active property owners will also appreciate the very walk-friendly character of Bathurst Quay; running common errands is very convenient, and there are also a good number of businesses nearby. It is very convenient to travel by bicycle in this area because a bike share station is always located close by, and the cycling infrastructure is good.


Families will value that wherever their property is located in Bathurst Quay, schools and daycares are nearby. When it comes to eating, both general and specialty grocery stores are typically accessible within a reasonably short walk from most properties for sale in this part of the city. In addition, with 0-odd restaurants and cafes in this area, there is typically a spot to get a meal or beverage just around the corner. It is also straightforward to reach a number of clothing stores on foot.


Bathurst Quay is a great neighbourhood for those who enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. There are numerous things to do in this area to visit. Despite the fact that there are few nearby entertainment venues, there are often many people around, and with the bars in nearby neighbourhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink because they are generally located very close by. Queens Quay is among the most active streets in this part of Toronto. The greenery in this area is not particularly prominent; to be more specific, residents will find that relatively few tree-lined streets are present. However, it is very easy to access parks in the neighbourhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to check out.


Large apartment buildings are the main housing type, representing almost all dwellings in Bathurst Quay, but small apartment buildings are also present in the housing stock. This area is particularly good for those looking for one bedroom homes. The proportions of renters and homeowners are about even. This neighbourhood experienced its main construction boom after the year 2000, so most of the available housing stock is from this era.