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Apartments For Rent in Bathurst Quay, Toronto

Apartments For Rent in Bathurst Quay, Toronto

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Bathurst Quay

Bathurst Quay is a neighbourhood within Toronto, Ontario, which is situated in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


This part of Toronto permits property owners to get around by various methods of transportation. Walking is very practical for residents in Bathurst Quay; all daily errands can be run without the use of a vehicle, and numerous businesses are reasonably close by. Moving around by bicycle is also straightforward in this area since there is usually a bike-share station close by, and there are a fair number of bike lanes. The public transit service in this part of Toronto is excellent. In particular, no bus circuits pass through the neighbourhood. Commuting by car is also easy in Bathurst Quay. It is a very short car ride to the nearest highway from any location in Bathurst Quay.


Property owners in Bathurst Quay will appreciate that a general and a specialty grocery store is always only a rather short walk away. In addition, there are 0 restaurants and 0 cafes to experience in Bathurst Quay. It is also straightforward to access a variety of clothing stores on foot. With respect to education, schools and daycares are especially easy to walk to from anywhere in Bathurst Quay.


Bathurst Quay offers a variety of experiences for those who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time outdoors. This part of the city has numerous streets for those looking for a dynamic vibe. Even though there is a limited selection of entertainment venues, there are lots of people around most of the time, and with the bars in nearby neighbourhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink since they are generally located very close by. The greenery in this part of the city is not especially prominent; more specifically, residents will find that the tree canopy coverage for a large number of streets is below average. However, getting to green spaces, including Coronation Park, is very easy from the majority of locations within the neighbourhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to check out.


The predominance of large apartment buildings in the housing stock of Bathurst Quay is an important part of its character. This neighbourhood is especially good for those looking for one bedroom homes. There are equal parts renters and owners living in this part of Toronto. Most of the housing growth in this neighbourhood has taken place after the year 2000.