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Uplands, London Real Estate Listings

37 Houses for Sale in Uplands, London

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Uplands is a neighbourhood in London, Ontario.


Cars are a very good transportation option in this area. It is especially convenient to come across a parking spot. In contrast, public transit users may experience limited options in this part of London due to the low service level. Nevertheless, there are a few bus lines crossing the neighbourhood, and it is very convenient to reach a nearby bus stop from most residences. It is impractical for pedestrians to navigate Uplands as many daily needs are challenging to meet by walking.


It is a reasonably short walk to access primary schools from anywhere in Uplands. On the other hand, there are no high schools in Uplands. With regards to eating, a supermarket is usually reachable within a rather short walk from anywhere in this neighbourhood. A small number of restaurants and cafes can be found as well.


Home buyers who prefer a relaxed environment will enjoy Uplands. This area is very quiet, as noise from the streets and other parts of the city is rarely an issue. Lastly, there are a few green spaces close by for residents to unwind in, like Virginia Park and Northbrook Valley, and they are especially well-situated, making them easy to reach.


The housing stock of Uplands is composed primarily of single detached homes and townhouses. This part of the city also has quite a good variety of unit sizes; there is a higher proportion of four or more bedroom homes in this neighbourhood. Roughly 80% of the properties in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners while the remainder are rented. Most of the housing growth in this area has taken place after the year 2000.