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Mt. Hope Huron Park, Kitchener Real Estate Listings

19 Houses for Sale in Mt. Hope Huron Park, Kitchener

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Mt. Hope Huron Park

The neighbourhood of Mt. Hope Huron Park is part of the city of Kitchener, Ontario.


Walking is reasonably feasible for residents in Mt. Hope Huron Park; carrying out daily needs is easy. Biking is also convenient in Mt. Hope Huron Park as the bicycling infrastructure is quite comprehensive. Cars are a reasonably good mode of transportation in this part of Kitchener. Parking is quite easy, and many real estate listings are a rather short drive from the nearest highway. In contrast, getting around by public transit is at times difficult in Mt. Hope Huron Park. Thankfully, it is easy to reach a nearby train station, such as the Kitchener Station on the Kitchener Line, from the bulk of houses in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is linked by a few bus lines, and bus stops are typically nearby.


It is a rather short walk to reach both primary and secondary schools from any location in Mt. Hope Huron Park. On the other hand, it can be difficult to get to daycares as a pedestrian. With respect to food, a grocery store is ordinarily reachable within a rather short walk from any home in Mt. Hope Huron Park. In addition, a restaurant is usually just around the corner, and there are also a few coffee shops in this area. It is also a reasonably short distance to a good variety of clothing stores.


The character of Mt. Hope Huron Park is exemplified by its calm ambience. This part of Kitchener is reasonably quiet, as the streets tend to be tranquil - although that is not the case closer to one of the railway lines. Lastly, green spaces are easy to get to since there are a few of them nearby for residents to enjoy.


The proportions of homeowners and renters are about even. In this part of the city, about 45% of dwellings are single detached homes, and the rest of the properties are mainly small apartment buildings and duplexes. Most of the housing growth in this neighbourhood occurred pre-1960. This area offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes.