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Eaux Claires, Edmonton Real Estate Listings

20 Houses for Sale in Eaux Claires, Edmonton

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Eaux Claires

Part of the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area, Eaux Claires is a neighbourhood within Edmonton, Alberta.


It is easy for people walking to move around in Eaux Claires; most daily needs are convenient to carry out without the use of a car. The bicycle is a reasonably good method of transportation in this part of Edmonton because there are a fair number of bike lanes, and there are a limited number of slopes for cyclists to brave. The public transit network in Eaux Claires is not especially accessible. Nevertheless, there are approximately 10 bus lines, and bus stops are ordinarily nearby. However, Eaux Claires is very car friendly. It is very convenient to access a place to park, and nearby highways are easy to reach from any location in Eaux Claires.


Families will welcome that wherever their house is situated in Eaux Claires, primary schools and daycares are nearby. However, there are no high schools in this neighbourhood. In terms of eating, it is very often feasible for house buyers in this area to shop for groceries on foot. Residents benefit from approximately 20 restaurants and coffee shops as well.


Eaux Claires offers a calm ambience and will appeal to home buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors. This area is quiet, as there are low levels of noise from traffic. Finally, it is easy to reach green spaces in the neighbourhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to enjoy.


Roughly 45% of dwellings are small apartment buildings, making it easy to find apartments in Eaux Claires, while single detached homes and townhouses are also present in the housing stock. This part of Edmonton offers mainly four or more bedroom and two bedroom homes. Around 80% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home and the remainder are renters. This part of the city experienced its biggest construction boom following the year 2000, so most of the available housing stock is from this time period.

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