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Sold listings only available in some regions.
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Open Houses in McKenzie Lake, Calgary

Open Houses in McKenzie Lake, Calgary

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McKenzie Lake

The neighbourhood of McKenzie Lake can be found in the city of Calgary, Alberta, which is located in the Greater Calgary metropolitan area.


This neighbourhood is especially car friendly. The majority of properties for sale are a short drive from the closest highway, and it is very easy to come across a parking spot. However, this area is not very transit friendly. Nevertheless, the neighbourhood is served by approximately 10 bus lines, and bus stops are typically nearby. The bike is a rather poor method of transportation in McKenzie Lake as. Nonetheless, bicycling is facilitated by the generally flat terrain. McKenzie Lake is also not very suitable for walking as many daily needs are sometimes difficult to carry out without the use of a vehicle.


Home buyers in this neighbourhood usually have to rely on a car to purchase groceries. Nevertheless, getting to the nearest pharmacy and consequently some staple foods is generally easy. Residents can enjoy a few restaurants and coffee shops as well. Regarding education, families will find that wherever their home is situated in McKenzie Lake, daycares and primary schools are nearby. On the other hand, there are no high schools in this part of the city.


The character of McKenzie Lake is exemplified by its relaxed environment. This part of Calgary is very good for those who need quiet areas, as there tend to be low levels of noise from traffic. Lastly, parks are very well-situated and there are around 20 of them close by for residents to explore, which makes it very easy to get to them from the majority of locations within McKenzie Lake.


Single detached homes and row houses are the main housing type in McKenzie Lake. Notably, this part of Calgary is good for those looking for four or more bedroom homes. Nearly 95% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home whereas renters make up the remainder. This area experienced its main building boom in the 1990s, so most of the available housing stock is from this time period.