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Sold listings only available in some regions.
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Apartments For Rent in Longueuil

35 Apartments For Rent in Longueuil

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About Longueuil

Situated on the St.Lawrence River, The city of Longueuil is only 7km South of Montreal. With accessible transportation options between Longueuil and Montreal, residents can enjoy the best of both cities. Longueuil has exceptional access to recreation and outdoors, making it a beautiful and active place to live.

This booming city is known for its commitment to offering an exemplary lifestyle to its residents. Notably, the city of Longueuil has implemented sustainability efforts for protecting its various natural heritage sites. That being said, this is a great place to live if you value community, healthy lifestyles, and the environment.

Whether you're looking for a city with a unique and historic downtown core, are dreaming of an escape from the big city, or want to experience the small town feel, Longueuil is a charming place to call home.