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New Listings in Upper Jarvis, Toronto

New Listings in Upper Jarvis, Toronto

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Upper Jarvis

Located within the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area, Upper Jarvis is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario.


Upper Jarvis is an excellent part of Toronto for car-free transportation options. The public transit network in this part of the city is very practical owing to a few nearby bus lines. It is also very convenient for pedestrians to get around in this neighbourhood; all daily needs can be met on foot, and innumerable businesses of different types can be found as well. This neighbourhood is an extraordinarily pleasant part of Toronto for cyclists. More specifically, the bicycling network is very good, and there is usually a bike-share station nearby.


It is very easy to access both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from any home in Upper Jarvis. Additionally, owing to 10-odd restaurants and cafes in this area, there is almost always a place to get some food or drink just around the corner. Home buyers have access to a very large number of clothing stores within walking distance. When it comes to education, it is a very short walk to get to daycares and schools from any location in Upper Jarvis.


Upper Jarvis has a character that caters to a fairly diverse group of people. Finding bustling places in this neighbourhood is especially easy. An extensive selection of entertainment venues can be found nearby, there are usually crowds of people around, and with the nightlife venues in nearby neighbourhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink because they are generally located very close by. Upper Jarvis is reasonably quiet overall, as the streets tend to be tranquil. Greenery is quite present in this part of the city; it is very easy to reach green spaces, since there are a few of them close by for residents to check out and most properties for sale have a park nearby. Residents will also find that there are many tree-lined streets.


The predominance of large apartment buildings in the housing stock of Upper Jarvis is an important part of its character. This neighbourhood experienced its most significant construction boom after the year 2000, so most of the available homes are from this time period. This area is primarily composed of two bedroom and one bedroom homes. The split between renters and homeowners is about even.