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Condos For Sale in Carleton Village, Toronto

Condos For Sale in Carleton Village, Toronto

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Carleton Village

The neighbourhood of Carleton Village can be found in the city of Toronto, Ontario, which is located in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


Regardless of the medium of transportation, it is straightforward to travel in Carleton Village. Thanks to a few nearby bus lines, this area features an excellent public transit system. This neighbourhood is also a very pleasant part of Toronto for pedestrians; most daily needs can be carried out on foot, and there are also a fair number of businesses close by. It is easy to travel by bike in Carleton Village as the cycling network is well-developed.


It is usually an option for home buyers in this part of the city to buy general and specialty groceries by walking. Moreover, this part of the city is a good place in which to go out to eat or go to a cafe. It is also a rather short distance to a decent choice of clothing stores. With respect to education, parents and their kids will appreciate that no matter where their house is situated in this part of Toronto, daycares and schools are close by.


There are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Carleton Village, as well as some areas with a vibrant ambience. To be more precise, getting to parks is very easy in the neighbourhood since there are a few of them close by for residents to enjoy. However, the tree canopy coverage for the majority of streets is below average. Lastly, quiet areas can be found throughout a good portion of Carleton Village, although that is not the case close to one of the railway lines.


Over half of the housing stock of Carleton Village consists of townhouses and small apartment buildings, and the remaining homes are mainly townhouses. This area has a good choice of unit sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. About 70% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home whereas the rest are renters. Most homes in this area were constructed prior to the 1960s, during its most significant building boom.