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Sold listings only available in some regions.
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Apartments For Rent in Tanglewood, Ottawa

Apartments For Rent in Tanglewood, Ottawa

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Tanglewood is a neighbourhood within Ottawa, Ontario, which is situated in the Ottawa - Gatineau metropolitan area.


Tanglewood affords homeowners several alternative means of transportation. Travelling by public transit is easy in this neighbourhood due to a multitude of nearby rapid transit stations with access to the 75 |, and about 20 nearby bus lines. It is sometimes difficult for people travelling on foot to navigate this area because meeting daily needs is at times challenging on foot. This area is conducive to cycling because the bicycling infrastructure is very good, and there are not many hills to confront cyclists. The car is usually the best method to navigate Tanglewood. Parking is generally easy.


Some residents in Tanglewood may be able to do grocery shopping by walking, while others will have to use another means of transportation. There are also a limited number of options for those who appreciate restaurants and cafes in close proximity. As far as education is concerned, both primary and secondary schools are easy to get to on foot from any location in Tanglewood. However, it can be very hard to walk to daycares from properties for sale in this part of the city.


Tanglewood is a good neighbourhood to buy a house in for those who prefer a relaxed environment. Green spaces are easy to reach since there are a few of them close by for residents to explore. This neighbourhood is also reasonably good for those who prefer quiet surroundings, as there isn't a lot of street noise or city clamour - although there are still several louder sections, especially around the railway line.


In Tanglewood, around two thirds of dwellings are townhouses, while single detached homes are also present in the housing stock. This neighbourhood offers mainly four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy roughly two thirds of the dwellings in the neighbourhood while the rest are rented. This area experienced its most significant construction boom in the 1960s and 1970s, so most of the available homes are from this time period.