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Lebreton Flats, Ottawa Real Estate Listings

Houses for Sale in Lebreton Flats, Ottawa

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Lebreton Flats

The neighbourhood of Lebreton Flats can be found in the city of Ottawa, Ontario.


Lebreton Flats will please house buyers that appreciate various methods of transportation. The public transit service in Lebreton Flats is excellent as a consequence of around 30 nearby bus lines. This neighbourhood will also attract active home buyers since it is very well-suited for walking; many common errands can be run without needing to use a car, and various businesses are nearby. The bike is a reasonably good means of transportation in this part of Ottawa as there are innumerable bike lanes.


Both primary and secondary schools are easy to get to on foot from anywhere in Lebreton Flats. In contrast, parents may find it challenging for their schoolchildren to reach daycares as a pedestrian. When it comes to food, it is typically feasible for home buyers in Lebreton Flats to shop for general and specialty groceries on foot. Furthermore, those who appreciate eating out won't have to walk far in Lebreton Flats, where a few restaurants and 0 cafes are available.


Lebreton Flats is a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to the ambience of this part of Ottawa. Even though the ambience is not the most lively in this part of Ottawa with the nightlife venues in nearby neighbourhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink as they are generally located around the corner. Lebreton Flats is quiet, as there are usually low levels of noise from traffic. Although the neighbourhood does not contain any parks, public green spaces are especially well-distributed in nearby neighbourhoods, making it easy to access them from a large number of locations in this area.


In Lebreton Flats, the overwhelming majority of dwellings are large apartment buildings, but small apartment buildings are also present in the housing stock. This area experienced its main construction boom after the year 2000, so most of the available properties are from this era. This area is particularly good for those looking for one bedroom homes. Renters occupy roughly 60% of the units in Lebreton Flats and the remainder are occupied by owners.