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Land For Sale in Highbury, London

1 Land For Sale in Highbury, London

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Part of the Greater London metropolitan area, Highbury is a neighbourhood within London, Ontario.


The best method to navigate this part of London is very often a car. It is very easy to come across a parking spot, and the city block layout is reasonably amenable to driving. On the other hand, the public transit system in Highbury is quite bad. Nevertheless, there are a few bus lines traversing the neighbourhood, and bus stops are ordinarily within walking distance. Travelling on foot is not very feasible for home buyers in Highbury since most daily needs are inconvenient to carry out without the use of a vehicle.


There are no high schools and no primary schools in Highbury. Moreover, it can be very hard to access daycares on foot. With regards to eating, in all cases, a car is required to shop for groceries. Residents of Highbury benefit from a few restaurants.


It is relatively serene in Highbury, since there are very few pedestrians.


Roughly 90% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home and renters make up the remainder. Single detached homes and townhouses are the predominant housing type in this neighbourhood. This area experienced its largest building boom following the year 2000, so most of the available properties are from this era. This part of the city is primarily composed of four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes.