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Condos For Sale in Mill Courtland Woodside Park, Kitchener

Condos For Sale in Mill Courtland Woodside Park, Kitchener

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Mill Courtland Woodside Park

The neighbourhood of Mill Courtland Woodside Park is part of the city of Kitchener, Ontario, which is situated in the Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo metropolitan area.


Mill Courtland Woodside Park permits homeowners to move around using a variety of means of transportation. Homeowners can depend on public transit to travel in this area. More specifically, it is straightforward to come across a nearby rapid transit station, including Borden Station on the 301 | Ion, from the bulk of homes in the neighbourhood. Residents have access to a few bus lines, and most homes are very close to a bus stop. Active property owners will also welcome the quite walk-friendly character of Mill Courtland Woodside Park; carrying out daily needs is easy, and plenty of businesses are close by. It is easy to travel by bicycle in this area as the cycling infrastructure is very comprehensive.


It is very often possible for home buyers in this area to buy their groceries by walking. In addition, this neighbourhood is a good place in which to go out to eat. It is also easy to reach a selection of clothing stores on foot. With respect to education, families will welcome the proximity to daycares and schools, which are within walking distance from most houses for sale in this part of Kitchener.


Mill Courtland Woodside Park offers a relaxed environment and will appeal to home buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors. It is very easy to reach green spaces from many locations in the neighbourhood since there are about 10 of them close by for residents to unwind in. Most areas in this part of Kitchener are quiet, as there are generally low levels of noise from traffic.


In Mill Courtland Woodside Park, around 40% of buildings are single detached homes, while large apartment buildings, small apartment buildings, and duplexes make up most of the remaining housing stock. This part of the city offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes. The proportions of renters and homeowners are about even. This neighbourhood experienced its main construction boom before the 1960s, so most of the available homes are from this time period.