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Land For Sale in Park Road & Area, Grimsby

1 Land For Sale in Park Road & Area, Grimsby

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Park Road & Area

Part of the Greater Hamilton metropolitan area, Park Road & Area is a neighbourhood within Grimsby, Ontario.


The preferred approach to move around in Park Road & Area is very often a car. It is especially convenient to access a place to park, and many real estate listings are a short car ride from the closest highway, such as Queen Elizabeth Way. Park Road & Area is not very amenable to cycling since there are a fair number of slopes to challenge cyclists, and there are very few bike lanes. A majority of the homes for sale in this part of the town are located in places that are also not very conducive to walking because very few daily needs can be met without the use of a vehicle.


Parents and their schoolchildren will find that wherever their property is situated in Park Road & Area, daycares and primary schools are close by. In contrast, Park Road & Area does not have any high schools. Concerning eating, a vehicle is usually needed in this neighbourhood to access the nearest grocery store. Residents of Park Road & Area can enjoy a few restaurants.


The noise levels in Park Road & Area are low, as the streets are generally reasonably calm - however some parts can be quite loud, especially near Queen Elizabeth Way or the railway line. Green spaces aren't well-situated, resulting in them being very difficult to access from the majority of locations in the neighbourhood.


Single detached homes and townhouses are the main housing type in Park Road & Area. Around 40% of properties in this part of the town were constructed after the year 2000, while most of the remaining buildings were built pre-1960 and in the 1980s. This area offers mainly four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes. Roughly 95% of the dwellings in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners and 5% are occupied by renters.

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