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Holmedale-Lansdowne, Brantford Real Estate Listings

22 Houses for Sale in Holmedale-Lansdowne, Brantford

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The neighbourhood of Holmedale-Lansdowne is part of the city of Brantford, Ontario.


Cars are an excellent transportation option in this area. It is very convenient to find a place to park. This part of the city is not very conducive to walking since meeting daily needs is occasionally challenging.


In most cases, a car is required in Holmedale-Lansdowne to access the nearest supermarket. Nonetheless, pharmacies are typically easy to reach on foot and sell some basic food items. Residents are served by a few restaurants and cafes as well. With regards to education, families will appreciate that no matter where their house is located in this part of Brantford, daycares and schools are close by.


People who prefer a slower-paced environment will enjoy Holmedale-Lansdowne. This part of Brantford is quiet overall, as there are low levels of noise from traffic - although there are still several louder areas, especially near the railway line. Finally, there are a few green spaces nearby for residents to check out and they are very well-distributed, resulting in them being easy to reach from most locations in the neighbourhood.


In Holmedale-Lansdowne, roughly three quarters of buildings are single detached homes, while townhouses make up most of the remaining housing stock. Most of the housing growth in this neighbourhood took place prior to the 1960s. This area offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy around 70% of the dwellings in the neighbourhood and 30% are rented.

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