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Fletcher's Meadow, Brampton Real Estate Listings

102 Houses for Sale in Fletcher's Meadow, Brampton

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Fletcher's Meadow

Part of the Greater Toronto metropolitan area, Fletcher's Meadow is a neighbourhood within Brampton, Ontario.


Fletcher's Meadow is reasonably car friendly. Parking is generally easy. On the other hand, the public transit service in Fletcher's Meadow is not particularly frequent. Thankfully, commuters can count on the Mount Pleasant Station on the Kitchener Line. There are about 10 bus lines passing through the neighbourhood, and the nearest bus stop is generally just around the corner. This part of the city is bike-friendly because this neighbourhood is home to a great cycling infrastructure. Fletcher's Meadow is not especially suitable for walking because most daily needs are at times challenging to meet by walking.


The nearest supermarket in this part of the city is generally only a rather short walk away. A small variety of restaurants and coffee shops is available as well. Concerning education, both primary and secondary schools are convenient to reach on foot from anywhere in this part of the city. Parents can choose between public and private schools at both the elementary and high school level. However, daycares are not very plentiful and consequently not always within walking distance.


The character of Fletcher's Meadow is exemplified by its slower-paced ambience. There are about 40 parks close by for residents to visit, including Kay Snelgrove Valley and Peleg Howland Valley, which makes it very easy to get to them. This neighbourhood is also very good for those who enjoy quiet areas, as noise from streets and other parts of the city is rarely an issue.


Nearly 90% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home and 10% are renters. The housing stock of this area is composed predominantly of single detached homes and row houses. A majority of the housing growth in this neighbourhood has occurred after the year 2000. There is a higher proportion of four or more bedroom homes in this part of Brampton.