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New Listings in Lord Selkirk Park, Winnipeg

New Listings in Lord Selkirk Park, Winnipeg

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Lord Selkirk Park

The neighbourhood of Lord Selkirk Park is part of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is located in the Greater Winnipeg metropolitan area.


This part of the city affords property owners several alternative means of transportation. Lord Selkirk Park is quite transit friendly. Residents benefit from a few bus lines, and most homes are very close to a bus stop. The car is very often the best way to move around in this part of the city. It is convenient to park, and most real estate listings are a very short drive from the closest highway. Lord Selkirk Park will appeal to physically active people since it is suitable for those who travel by foot; meeting daily needs is convenient by walking, and there are also a fair number of businesses nearby.


In this part of the city, parents and their kids will almost always be able to access daycares and schools by walking. Regarding food, it is very easy to access both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from anywhere in Lord Selkirk Park. Additionally, a restaurant is usually just around the corner. Property owners have access to a good number of nearby clothing stores.


Lord Selkirk Park offers a broad selection of green spaces to enjoy, despite its sometimes busy atmosphere. There are a few public green spaces close by for residents to visit and they are especially well-situated, making them very easy to get to from the majority of locations in this area. This part of the city remains relatively quiet, due to the presence of few people out and about on the streets; however noise levels are higher closer to the railway line.


In Lord Selkirk Park, the majority of dwellings are large apartment buildings, while small apartment buildings, single detached homes, and townhouses make up most of the remaining housing stock. Most of the housing growth in this part of Winnipeg happened in the 1960s and 1970s. This part of the city is notable for those looking for one bedroom homes. Renters occupy nearly all of the dwellings in Lord Selkirk Park while owners occupy the remainder.