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New Listings in Brockville, Winnipeg

New Listings in Brockville, Winnipeg

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The neighbourhood of Brockville is part of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is situated in the Greater Winnipeg metropolitan area.


Brockville is an extraordinarily convenient part of Winnipeg for moving around by car. Coming across a place to park is quite easy, and the majority of houses for sale are a very short drive from the closest highway. On the other hand, travelling by public transit is sometimes challenging in this part of the city. Nonetheless, homeowners have access to a few bus lines, and bus stops are not very far-removed from most residences. There are relatively few pedestrians out on the streets of Brockville, even though meeting daily needs is convenient by walking.


In all but a very small number of cases, a vehicle is required to purchase groceries. Nevertheless, it is generally a reasonably short distance to the closest pharmacy, which can supply some basic food items. In terms of education, daycares and schools are straightforward to access on foot from any location in Brockville.


Brockville offers an extensive selection of green spaces to enjoy. There are a few parks nearby for residents to visit and they are especially well-located, which makes it easy to access them. Lastly, this area is relatively quiet, thanks to the presence of few people out and about on the streets; however there can be more noise for those who are closer to one of the railway lines.


In Brockville, about one third of buildings are large apartment buildings, whereas the rest are mainly duplexes, single detached homes, and townhouses. Most of the housing growth in this part of the city has happened following the year 2000. This area has a good selection of housing size options, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. There are equal parts renters and owners living in this neighbourhood.