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Our franchisors have access to display 100,000+ REALTOR® listings!

Franchisors DDF® powers the largest franchisor websites in Canada including Royal LePage, Re/Max, Century 21, Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams.

Have all your agents’ listings available through a single data feed, and gain access to the largest pool of listings across Canada.

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We have been using DDF® since day one and are pleased with the increased efficiency and accuracy this service provides us with. Partnering with CREA allows our team to focus on more strategic initiatives, and working with their professional staff is always a pleasure”

Royal LePage

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to getting data from DDF®?

The cost per year is $36,000, billed per quarter, plus a $10,000 onboarding fee.

What can I expect from the application process for DDF®?

The process includes an application where we interview each business interested in displaying listing data on their website. If a company meets our criteria and is willing to work within the DDF® guidelines, we’ll enter into an agreement. Once the agreement is signed, the vendor will receive their data feed.

How do I get started?

You can apply here.

What listing data am I able to receive?

Franchisors receive two separate data feeds:

The Franchisor Shared Pool – A data feed for advertising display consisting of listing from any REALTOR® in Canada.

The Franchisor Direct Feed – A data feed consisting of all REALTORS® who belong to your franchise.

What real estate boards do you work with? DDF® is operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). We work with all boards and associations in Canada and REALTOR® members from these boards choose whether to send their data to other websites via DDF®. Currently, Manitoba and Quebec are the only provinces that do not participate in the National Franchisor Pool.

How often do you update the listing data?

Listing data is updated an average of 46 times per day.

Get started with DDF® in three easy steps


Tell us about your product, company and business so we can determine your eligibility.


Our team will review your application and contact you within a week.


Sign an agreement with us and begin integrating our data feed into your platform.

Review our technical documentation.