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We are fortunate to have a talented group of writers, photographers, designers and videographers adding to the content you see here on The Living Room. Click through to see their contributions. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas and talent.
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Arielle is a freelance writer with a passion for personal finance, interior design, and real estate investing. Throughout her writing career, Arielle has written on a range of topics, such as beauty, environmental sustainability and brain health. She is deeply interested in the power of storytelling to educate and influence others for good. When she’s not writing, Arielle enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and trying new recipes.
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Brittany Stager is a Social Media Director and agency owner by day, and author of a personal lifestyle blog, My Daily Randomness, by night. With a passion for all things home, Brittany uses her blog to showcase home decorating projects, DIY’s and tips & tricks. She also enjoys sharing recipes, travel stories, fashion roundups and her experiences as a new mom. When she’s not blogging, you can find her playing with her daughter Emily, walking her dog Maddy or eating dessert.
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Carolyn is a published author, broadcaster and print journalist, and Woman of Vision Award recipient. Carolyn’s professional and volunteer work, as well as residency in the picturesque Shuswap, have provided her numerous opportunities to learn about her community and its history.
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Casey is a copy and content writer currently based in downtown Toronto, Ontario. A sports lover for life and believer in the beautiful game, she is also the current Head of Media & Communications for 1812 Football Club which can be followed via their performances in League1 Ontario. Catch her on Twitter or Instagram: @CaseyToGo.
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Cassandre Salomon is an interior designer and freelance writer. When she’s not designing virtually for clients all over the world or writing about interior decorating, she’s travelling with her husband and their three children. She studied interior design at the Interior Design Institute of Vancouver and Yorkville University.
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Cassie Apperloo is a Hamilton-based writer and self-described ‘Jill of all trades.’ Her intro to media started at Mohawk College’s journalism program, and since then her work has covered everything from entertainment news to digital marketing and public relations for musicians and small businesses. Today she writes for Livabl, specializing in market news and new construction.
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Celestina Aleobua is a multimedia coordinator leading the visual aesthetic and publishing for REALTOR.ca's The Living Room. She's a multifaceted creative director with work in film, photography, writing, and digital media. She is obsessed with interior design, especially the creativity involved in repurposing, refurbishing and reupholstering furniture, and one day hopes to dabble in the house-flipping business. You may find some of her work at www.thatafrikan.com.
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Cory works as a copywriter for one of Ottawa’s largest marketing and advertising agencies, while offering freelance writing and content marketing solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He covers topics spanning from real estate and home design to community features, travel, and outdoor recreation—when he’s not found at his writing desk, he’s most likely on a squash court with a racquet in hand. Cory shares an apartment with his partner and their tiny dog, Pip, in beautiful and historic Kingston
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Though he first aspired to design cars, a teacher convinced Dave to pursue architecture instead. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carleton University and as a result, he knows an abnormal amount about home design and construction. Dave later became the Editor-in-Chief for major automotive publications, but now splits his time between Toronto, Miami and Europe developing content for cars, boats, travel and lifestyle outlets.