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North Park, Victoria Real Estate Listings

10 Houses for Sale in North Park, Victoria

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North Park

The neighbourhood of North Park can be found in the city of Victoria, British Columbia.


This neighbourhood is a very good part of Victoria for car-free transportation options. Thanks to about 10 nearby bus lines, homeowners can rely on public transit to navigate North Park. In contrast, travelling by car is at times difficult in North Park since parking is not very easy, and most real estate listings are a very long drive from the closest highway. Physically active people will appreciate the especially walk-friendly character of this part of the city; many day-to-day needs can be carried out on foot, and there are also a fair number of businesses close by.


Schools and daycares are easy to get to on foot from anywhere in this neighbourhood. When it comes to eating, it is usually practical for home buyers in North Park to shop for general and specialty groceries on foot. Furthermore, with a few-odd restaurants and cafes in this neighbourhood, there is typically a spot to get some food or drink just around the corner, for instance on Quadra Street. It is also especially easy to get to a selection of clothing stores on foot.


North Park is a great neighbourhood for home buyers who enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. There are a large number of things to do in this part of the city to check out. The streets are very often busy with people, many entertainment venues can be found nearby, and with the bars in nearby neighbourhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink because they are generally located very close by. There are a few parks nearby for residents to explore and they are especially well-distributed, which results in them being very easy to access from the majority of locations within this part of Victoria.


Small apartment buildings are the most common housing type, representing most dwellings in North Park, while the rest are mainly large apartment buildings. About one third of homes in this area were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s, while many of the remaining buildings were built pre-1960 and in the 1980s. This part of Victoria is especially good for those looking for one bedroom homes. Renters occupy roughly 80% of the units in the neighbourhood and the rest are occupied by owners.

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