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Real Estate Listings For Rent in Downtown, New Westminster

Real Estate Listings For Rent in Downtown, New Westminster

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The neighbourhood of Downtown New Westminster can be found in the city of New Westminster, British Columbia, which is situated in the Metro Vancouver metropolitan area.


Downtown affords property owners several alternative modes of transportation. Downtown features a very good public transit infrastructure. Rapid transit stations, including New Westminster Station and Columbia Station with access to the Expo Skytrain, are generally nearby from the majority of houses in the neighbourhood. There are a few bus lines crossing the neighbourhood, and most residences are very close to a bus stop. Physically active people will also be pleased with the reasonably walk-friendly character of this area; many common errands can be run on foot, and plenty of businesses are reasonably close by. Downtown is not very conducive to bicycling since the cycling infrastructure is rather poor, and cyclists encounter quite a few slopes.


Families will find that wherever their property is situated in Downtown, schools and daycares are close by. With respect to food, home buyers in this area will be pleased to learn that a grocery store is always only a short walk away. Additionally, this part of New Westminster is a good place in which to eat out or go to a cafe. Property owners can find a fair number of clothing stores within walking distance.


Despite the somewhat busy feel, there are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Downtown. Public green spaces are especially well-distributed and there are approximately 10 of them close by for residents to relax in, which results in them being very easy to access from most locations in this part of the city. Finally, this neighbourhood has many sections that are very calm and quiet, although other spots can be noisy, especially closer to one of the railway lines.


Around three quarters of buildings are large apartment buildings, making it easy to find apartments in Downtown, while small apartment buildings are the main alternative in the housing stock. Around 45% of properties in this neighbourhood were built after the year 2000, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1980s and the 1990s. However this area is notable for those looking for two bedroom homes. Around two thirds of the properties in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners whereas renters occupy the remainder.

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