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Sold listings only available in some regions.
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Condos For Sale in Glenwood, Edmonton

10 Condos For Sale in Glenwood, Edmonton

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The neighbourhood of Glenwood can be found in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, which is situated in the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area.


No matter the medium of transportation, it is quite simple to get around in this neighbourhood. Glenwood is transit friendly. The neighbourhood is served by around 10 bus lines, and bus stops are typically nearby. Walking is also quite practical for residents in Glenwood; running common errands is convenient, and a variety of businesses are close by. Commuting by bicycle is convenient in Glenwood since the bicycling infrastructure is reasonably well-developed, and bike riders do not encounter serious slopes.


Parents and their kids will appreciate that wherever their home is situated in Glenwood, schools and daycares are nearby. Regarding food, it is usually an option for property owners in Glenwood to shop for groceries on foot. In addition, this part of Edmonton is a good place in which to go out to eat or go to a cafe. A decent variety of clothing stores can also be found within a rather short walking distance.


The character of Glenwood is exemplified by its relaxed ambience. Most areas in this part of Edmonton are reasonably quiet, as there are usually low levels of noise from traffic. Lastly, it is very easy to get to parks since there are a few of them close by for residents to visit.


Around 60% of the properties in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners whereas the remainder are rented. In this part of Edmonton, roughly half of dwellings are single detached homes, while small apartment buildings are also present in the housing stock. About one third of properties in this part of the city were built in the 1960s and 1970s, while the majority of the remaining buildings were built pre-1960 and in the 1980s. This neighbourhood has a good variety of housing sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms.