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Sold listings only available in some regions.
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New Listings in Canossa, Edmonton

New Listings in Canossa, Edmonton

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Part of the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area, Canossa is a neighbourhood within Edmonton, Alberta.


Canossa is very car friendly. The majority of properties for sale are a rather short drive from the nearest highway, and it is convenient to park. On the other hand, commuting by public transit is difficult in Canossa. Nevertheless, there are a few bus lines passing through the neighbourhood, and the closest bus stop is typically just around the corner. It is sometimes difficult for pedestrians to get around in Canossa because few day-to-day needs can be carried out without the use of a car. On the other hand, this area is conducive to bicycling because Canossa has a reasonably good cycling infrastructure, and riding is made easier by the generally flat terrain.


It is sometimes feasible for home buyers in Canossa to buy groceries on foot. Nonetheless, reaching the nearest pharmacy and accordingly some basic food items is typically easy. With respect to education, it is a reasonably short walk to access primary schools and daycares from anywhere in this neighbourhood. In contrast, there are no high schools in this part of the city.


People who prefer a calm ambience will enjoy Canossa. Public green spaces are especially well-distributed and there are a few of them close by for residents to unwind in, making it easy to get to them. This area is also wonderful for those who like quiet surroundings, as there are low levels of noise from traffic.


The large percentage of single detached homes in the housing stock of Canossa is an important part of its character. There is a higher proportion of three bedroom homes in this part of Edmonton. Nearly 95% of the properties in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners and 5% are occupied by renters. Most housing in this part of Edmonton was built after the year 2000, during its largest construction boom.