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Marlborough, Calgary Real Estate Listings

31 Houses for Sale in Marlborough, Calgary

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Marlborough is a neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta.


Regardless of the mode of transportation, it is quite simple to move around in Marlborough. The public transit system in this part of Calgary is fairly good owing to Marlborough Station with access to the Blue Line, and approximately 10 nearby bus lines. Marlborough will also appeal to active house buyers since it is reasonably suitable for those who travel by foot; running common errands is convenient. Cycling is challenging in this part of Calgary as. Thankfully, bicycle riders do not face significant hills.


It is straightforward to reach the nearest supermarket by walking from most properties for sale in Marlborough. Furthermore, those who like to eat in restaurants will have a fair number of options, for example on 36th Street Northeast, and a small variety of coffee shops can be found as well. Property owners can find a good number of clothing stores within walking distance. In terms of education, in Marlborough, parents and their kids will usually be able to access primary schools on foot. However, this part of Calgary does not have any high schools.


The character of Marlborough is exemplified by its relaxed ambience. The noise levels in this part of the city are low, as the streets are quite peaceful. Lastly, there are approximately 10 green spaces close by for residents to visit and they are especially well-distributed, which results in them being very easy to get to from the majority of locations in the neighbourhood.


In Marlborough, the majority of buildings are single detached homes, and the remaining properties are mainly small apartment buildings and duplexes. This neighbourhood offers mainly three bedroom and four or more bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy about 60% of the units in Marlborough and the rest are rented. Most of the housing growth in this neighbourhood happened in the 1960s and 1970s.