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Real Estate Listings For Rent in Oakwood, Toronto

4 Real Estate Listings For Rent in Oakwood, Toronto

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The neighbourhood of Oakwood can be found in the city of Toronto, Ontario, which is located in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


Oakwood does not necessitate use of a car as several other methods of transportation are at the disposal of home buyers. Homeowners can rely on public transit to navigate Oakwood as a consequence of a few nearby bus lines. This part of Toronto will also appeal to physically active people since it is especially convenient for those who travel by foot; running daily errands is straightforward by walking, and numerous businesses are reasonably close by. Cycling is easy in Oakwood since the cycling network is fairly good.


Families will appreciate that wherever their home is situated in this part of Toronto, daycares and schools are nearby. With regards to eating, it is very convenient to access both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from most houses for sale in Oakwood. Likewise, there is typically a restaurant or cafe in close proximity. It is also a reasonably short walk to a good variety of clothing stores.


Oakwood has a character that appeals to a fairly diverse group of people. It is easy to find lively streets in this part of Toronto. Although the nightlife is limited, there are crowds of people around most of the time. Oakwood is reasonably good for those who like a quiet atmosphere, as there are usually low levels of noise from traffic. There is not that much greenery in this part of Toronto; to be more specific, residents will find that the tree canopy coverage for most streets is below average. Nonetheless, there are a few parks nearby for residents to relax in and they are especially well-located, which makes it very easy to access them.


A majority of the housing growth in Oakwood took place pre-1960. In this part of Toronto, about 45% of dwellings are small apartment buildings, while single detached homes and townhouses make up most of the remaining housing stock. The proportions of renters and homeowners are about even. This area also has a good variety of unit sizes; homes range from lofts to four or more bedrooms.