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Real Estate Listings For Rent in Leslieville, Toronto

15 Real Estate Listings For Rent in Leslieville, Toronto

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The neighbourhood of Leslieville is part of the city of Toronto, Ontario, which is situated in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


This area permits house buyers to travel using various methods of transportation. The public transit system in this part of Toronto is great. Property owners are served by a few bus lines, and the closest bus stop is typically very close. This neighbourhood is also an extremely convenient part of Toronto for pedestrians; running daily errands is very easy by walking, and plenty of businesses are close by. A fair number of residents in the area use their bike since Leslieville has a very good cycling infrastructure.


It is very often an option for house buyers in Leslieville to buy general and specialty groceries by walking. Likewise, with over 50 restaurants and a few coffee shops, this part of the city is a good place in which to go out to eat. A good selection of clothing stores can also be found within a rather short walking distance. As far as education is concerned, parents and their kids will appreciate that wherever their home is located in Leslieville, schools and daycares are close by.


Leslieville is a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to the ambience of this area. This neighbourhood has numerous areas to check out. There are many people around most of the time, there is a broad selection of entertainment venues, and places to go out at night are well-spread throughout the area. The noise levels in Leslieville are reasonably low, as the streets are usually quite calm, however noise can be problematic close to Don Valley Parkway, F G Gardiner Expressway or one of the railway lines. The greenery in this area is quite prominent; it is very easy to get to green spaces from a lot of locations within the neighbourhood, since there are approximately 10 of them nearby for residents to unwind in, like Booth Yard and Greenwood Park. Furthermore, residents will find that there are numerous tree-lined streets.


Roughly one third of buildings are small apartment buildings, making it easy to find apartments in Leslieville, and the remaining properties are mainly large apartment buildings and townhouses. This neighbourhood experienced its most significant construction boom before the 1960s, so most of the available properties are from this time period. This part of Toronto has a good choice of housing sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. Around 60% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home and the remainder are renters.