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Single Family Homes For Sale in Glen Park East, Toronto

10 Single Family Homes For Sale in Glen Park East, Toronto

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Glen Park East

The neighbourhood of Glen Park East can be found in the city of Toronto, Ontario, which is situated in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


No matter the means of transportation, it is convenient to move around in this part of the city. Glen Park East is a very pleasant part of Toronto for moving around by public transit as a consequence of a few nearby bus lines. This area is also conducive to those who travel by foot; most daily needs are very easy to meet without the use of a car, and a variety of businesses are nearby. Glen Park East is quite bike-friendly because the bicycling infrastructure is well-developed.


It is convenient to get to both a general and a specialty grocery store by walking from most properties for sale in this neighbourhood. Moreover, there are a good number of options for those who value nearby restaurants and cafes. A very good selection of clothing stores is also available within a short walking distance. When it comes to education, in Glen Park East, families will generally be able to get to daycares and schools by walking.


Glen Park East is a good neighbourhood to buy a house in for those who prefer a slower-paced ambience. This part of Toronto is quiet, as the streets are usually calm - although there are still several louder areas, especially close to Allen Expressway. Lastly, there is a good amount of greenery in this neighbourhood; there are around 10 public green spaces close by for residents to visit, including Kay Gardner Beltline Park and Memorial Park - North York, and they are very well-situated, making them very easy to access. Moreover, residents will find that there are numerous tree-lined streets.


In Glen Park East, about 45% of dwellings are large apartment buildings, whereas the remainder are mainly small apartment buildings and single detached homes. This area is primarily composed of four or more bedroom and one bedroom homes. There are equal parts owners and renters living in this neighbourhood. The homes in this area are quite old, because roughly 40% of its dwellings were constructed pre-1960, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s.

Single Family Homes For Sale Near Glen Park East