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Multi Family Homes For Sale in Bickford Park, Toronto

Multi Family Homes For Sale in Bickford Park, Toronto

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Bickford Park

Bickford Park is a neighbourhood within Toronto, Ontario, which is situated in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


This neighbourhood does not require use of a car as various other means of transportation are available. Thanks to a few nearby bus lines, Bickford Park is an extraordinarily pleasant part of Toronto for travelling by public transit. Most houses for sale in this area are located in places that are also very convenient for walking; running daily errands is especially convenient, and many businesses of different types can be found as well. Bickford Park is an extraordinarily convenient part of Toronto for cyclists. For example, bike-share stations are hardly ever more than a short distance away, and this neighbourhood has a very good cycling infrastructure.


Families will appreciate that wherever their home is situated in Bickford Park, daycares and schools are close by. When it comes to eating, a general and a specialty grocery store is always only a very short walk away in this part of the city. Additionally, thanks to 30-odd restaurants and cafes in Bickford Park, there is almost always a spot to get some food or drink just around the corner. Residents can find countless nearby clothing stores.


Bickford Park is a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to the ambience of this part of Toronto. Bickford Park is quiet overall, as there are generally low levels of noise from traffic. This part of Toronto also features a good amount of greenery as many tree-lined streets are present. Green spaces are especially well-situated and there are a few of them nearby for residents to check out, which makes them very easy to get to. Finally, this part of the city has a large number of streets to explore. There are crowds of people around most of the time, numerous entertainment venues can be found nearby, and finding one of the a few nightlife venues is very easy because they are generally situated in very convenient locations.


The population residing in Bickford Park is evenly split between renters and owners. In this part of the city, around half of buildings are small apartment buildings, while the remainder are mainly townhouses. Most of the housing growth in this neighbourhood occurred prior to the 1960s. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of one bedroom and three bedroom homes.