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Single Family Homes For Sale in Richvale, Richmond Hill

42 Single Family Homes For Sale in Richvale, Richmond Hill

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Richvale Single Family Homes Market

Use our single family home price trends to better gauge local market conditions and plan your next move. The graphs below show benchmark or average prices of single family homes sold in the area. Data generated by MLS® Systems and the MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) — Canada’s most advanced tool to gauge local home price levels and trends.
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Situated within the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area, Richvale is a community in Richmond Hill, Ontario.


Richvale is reasonably conducive to walking; many daily needs can be carried out on foot. However, moving around by bicycle is at times difficult in this part of Richmond Hill because cyclists are faced with a significant amount of slopes, and the cycling network is not very extensive. The best mode of transportation in Richvale is very often driving. It is very easy to come across a parking spot. However, getting around by public transit is sometimes challenging in Richvale. Nevertheless, rapid transit stations, such as Yonge / 16th-Carrville, Yonge / Major MacKenzie and Yonge / Weldrick with access to the orange | VIVA ORANGE and blue | VIVA BLUE, are usually relatively close by from most residences in the community. There are approximately 20 bus lines, and bus stops are not very far away from most houses.


It is convenient to reach both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from most properties for sale in Richvale. A small variety of restaurants and cafes is available as well. Regarding education, daycares and schools are convenient to walk to from most properties for sale in Richvale.


Richvale offers a calm ambience and will appeal to those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Parks are especially well-distributed and there are around 10 of them nearby for residents to check out, which makes them easy to access. Most areas in this part of the town are reasonably quiet, as the streets are generally quite calm - however noise can be problematic close to Highway 407.


In Richvale, many dwellings are single detached homes, while large apartment buildings and townhouses make up most of the remaining housing stock. This community offers mainly three bedroom and four or more bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy roughly 85% of the units in Richvale and the rest are rented. About one third of properties in this community were constructed between 1980 and 1990, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1990s.

Single Family Homes For Sale Near Richvale, Richmond Hill