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Real Estate Listings For Rent in North Oakville, Oakville

Real Estate Listings For Rent in North Oakville, Oakville

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North Oakville

The neighbourhood of North Oakville is part of the town of Oakville, Ontario, which is situated in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area.


Cars are an excellent transportation option in North Oakville. The street infrastructure is well suited for driving, and it is very easy to find a parking spot. However, the public transit system in North Oakville is not very practical. Thankfully, homeowners benefit from a few bus lines. North Oakville is not very cycling-friendly as there are a fair number of slopes for cyclists to brave, and there are very few bike lanes. It is also very difficult for people travelling on foot to navigate North Oakville since carrying out day-to-day needs is very inconvenient by walking.


North Oakville does not contain any high schools or primary schools. Additionally, parents may consider it very hard for their children to access daycares as a pedestrian. With respect to eating, it is very rarely an option for house buyers in this neighbourhood to buy their groceries by walking.


There are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in North Oakville. It is easy to get to parks in the neighbourhood since there are a few of them close by for residents to explore. Lastly, this part of the town remains relatively calm, as there are very few people out and about on the streets.


The predominant housing types in North Oakville are single detached homes and row houses. Most of the housing growth in this area has happened after the year 2000. There is a higher proportion of four or more bedroom homes in this neighbourhood. About three quarters of the dwellings in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners whereas the remainder are rented.