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Single Family Homes For Sale in Doon South, Kitchener

120 Single Family Homes For Sale in Doon South, Kitchener

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Doon South

Situated in the Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo metropolitan area, Doon South is a neighbourhood within Kitchener, Ontario.


The preferred approach to navigate this part of Kitchener is very often a car. It is very easy to park. On the other hand, this area is not an especially pleasant part of Kitchener for getting around by public transit. Thankfully, there are a few bus lines crossing the neighbourhood, and bus stops are not very far away from most houses. This part of Kitchener is not very conducive to those who travel by foot because many day-to-day needs are challenging to carry out without having to use a vehicle. However, Doon South is suited for cycling because there are a good number of bike lanes.


It is a reasonably short walk to reach primary schools from most houses for sale in Doon South. However, high schools are not especially abundant and thus not always within walking distance. In terms of food, in all cases, a car is required in Doon South to access the nearest supermarket. A small number of restaurants and cafes can be found.


The character of Doon South is exemplified by its calm atmosphere. Access to parks in the neighbourhood, such as Tilt's Bush and Pinnacle Hill Natural Area, is very easy, since reaching one is very easy from most properties and there are approximately 30 green spaces nearby for residents to explore. This neighbourhood is very quiet overall, as the streets are usually very peaceful.


In Doon South, roughly 85% of buildings are single detached homes, while townhouses are also present in the housing stock. There is a higher proportion of four or more bedroom homes in this neighbourhood. Homeowners occupy roughly 95% of the units in Doon South while renters occupy the remainder. This neighbourhood experienced its most significant building boom following the year 2000, so most of the available housing is from this time period.

Single Family Homes For Sale Near Doon South