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Multi Family Homes For Sale in Hillcrest, Cambridge

Multi Family Homes For Sale in Hillcrest, Cambridge

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Situated within the Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo metropolitan area, Hillcrest is a neighbourhood in Cambridge, Ontario.


Moving around by car is especially convenient in Hillcrest. Finding a place to park is generally easy, and most real estate listings are a rather short drive from the nearest highway. In contrast, the public transit system in Hillcrest is not very practical. Nonetheless, there are a few bus lines passing through the neighbourhood, and bus stops are not very far from most houses. Hillcrest is not very appropriate for bicycling because there are quite a few slopes, and the cycling network is not very extensive. It is also difficult for people walking to move around in Hillcrest as very few day-to-day needs can be carried out without having to use a vehicle.


Primary schools and daycares are easy to walk to from any location in this part of Cambridge. However, Hillcrest does not contain any high schools. In terms of food, doing one's groceries very often demands the use of a car in Hillcrest.


The character of Hillcrest is exemplified by its calm environment. Most areas in this part of the city are especially quiet, as the streets tend to be very tranquil. Finally, there are a few green spaces nearby for residents to explore, which makes them easy to reach.


Nearly 90% of the units in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners and 10% are occupied by renters. The housing stock of this neighbourhood is composed primarily of single detached homes and townhouses. This area did not experience a single construction boom; the construction of new dwellings in Hillcrest was spread throughout multiple decades in the twentieth and twenty-first century. There is a higher proportion of three bedroom homes in this neighbourhood.