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Real Estate Listings For Rent in Branchton Park, Cambridge

Real Estate Listings For Rent in Branchton Park, Cambridge

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Branchton Park

Situated in the Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo metropolitan area, Branchton Park is a neighbourhood within Cambridge, Ontario.


This area is a very convenient part of Cambridge for travelling by car. It is straightforward to come across a place to park. In contrast, travelling by public transit is difficult in Branchton Park. Thankfully, the neighbourhood is served by a few bus lines, and most houses are very close to a bus stop. It is inconvenient for pedestrians to move around in this part of the city as many day-to-day needs are at times challenging to carry out by walking. Branchton Park is also not very suited for bicycling because there are few bike lanes, and cyclists are faced with a significant amount of elevation changes.


It is a rather short walk to get to daycares and primary schools from any location in this neighbourhood. However, this part of the city does not contain any high schools. Regarding eating, accessing the closest grocery store on foot is feasible for some, but not all, property owners in Branchton Park. There are also a few choices for those who care about nearby restaurants.


The character of Branchton Park is exemplified by its slower-paced atmosphere. This area is very quiet overall, as there isn't a lot of street noise or city clamour. Lastly, it is easy to access parks since there are a few of them close by for residents to check out.


The housing stock of Branchton Park is composed primarily of single detached homes and row houses. A majority of the housing growth in this neighbourhood has taken place after the year 2000. There is a higher proportion of three bedroom homes in this area. Roughly 80% of the units in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners while the rest are rented.