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Single Family Homes For Sale in Bronte, Burlington

Single Family Homes For Sale in Bronte, Burlington

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Situated within the Greater Hamilton metropolitan area, Bronte is a neighbourhood in Burlington, Ontario.


Driving is very often the favoured way to navigate this neighbourhood. The street layout is amenable to cars, and accessing a place to park is quite easy. However, this part of Burlington is not very transit friendly. Cycling is challenging in Bronte since the cycling infrastructure is not very comprehensive, and there are quite a few hills. Bronte is also not very convenient for walking as meeting daily needs is occasionally difficult.


In Bronte, families will typically be able to access primary schools on foot. In contrast, this part of Burlington does not have any high schools. When it comes to food, house buyers in Bronte usually have to turn to a vehicle to reach the nearest grocery store. Nevertheless, pharmacies are typically easy to access on foot and supply some staple foods.


Bronte offers an extensive selection of green spaces to enjoy. It is easy to reach parks in the neighbourhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to check out. It remains relatively quiet in this area, as there are very few pedestrians.


Single detached homes are the most common housing type, representing roughly three quarters of dwellings in Bronte, and the rest are mainly townhouses. There is a higher proportion of four or more bedroom homes in this part of Burlington. Roughly 85% of the population of this neighbourhood own their home while renters make up the remainder. A majority of the housing growth in this part of Burlington has happened after the year 2000.

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