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Real Estate Listings For Rent in Mount Pleasant West, Brampton

1 Real Estate Listings For Rent in Mount Pleasant West

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Mount Pleasant West

Situated in the Greater Toronto Area metropolitan area, Mount Pleasant West is a neighbourhood within Brampton, Ontario.


Mount Pleasant West is an extraordinarily good part of Brampton for moving around by car. It is very easy to park. In contrast, the public transit network in Mount Pleasant West is not very practical. Many of the homes for sale in this part of Brampton are located in areas that are not very convenient for those who travel by foot because carrying out daily needs is inconvenient by walking. Mount Pleasant West is also not very conducive to bicycling since the cycling network is not very extensive, and the terrain is not particularly flat.


There are no high schools and no primary schools in Mount Pleasant West. Furthermore, it can be very hard to get to daycares on foot. In terms of food, doing one's groceries very often necessitates the use of a vehicle in Mount Pleasant West.


Home buyers who prefer a relaxed environment will enjoy Mount Pleasant West. This area is fairly good for those who need quiet areas, as noise from the streets and other parts of the city is rarely an issue. Lastly, although this area does not contain any parks, green spaces are badly-spread out in nearby neighbourhoods, which makes it easy to reach them.


Around 60% of the properties in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners whereas the remainder are rented. In this part of the city, the vast majority of dwellings are single detached homes, while duplexes are the main alternative in the housing stock. Roughly half of properties in this neighbourhood were built between 1960 and 1980, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed pre-1960 and in the 1980s. Notably, this area is good for those looking for four or more bedroom homes.