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Single Family Homes For Sale in Grovenor, Edmonton

14 Single Family Homes For Sale in Grovenor, Edmonton

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The neighbourhood of Grovenor can be found in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, which is situated in the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area.


No matter the mode of transportation, it is reasonably convenient to get around in Grovenor. Walking is practical for house buyers in Grovenor; running daily errands is easy, and there are also a fair number of businesses in proximity. It is also convenient to commute by bicycle in this area since there are few elevation changes to confront bike riders, and the bicycling infrastructure is very good. The public transit system in Grovenor is quite accessible as a consequence of approximately 10 nearby bus lines. Cars are also a reasonably good medium of transportation in Grovenor. It is convenient to come across a parking spot.


Schools and daycares are very easy to reach on foot from any location in Grovenor. In terms of eating, the closest supermarket in Grovenor is generally only a short walk away. Moreover, those who like to dine in restaurants will have a good number of opportunities. It is also convenient to get to a variety of clothing stores on foot.


The character of Grovenor is exemplified by its slower-paced ambience. This part of Edmonton is very good for those who like a quiet atmosphere, as the streets tend to be very calm. Lastly, there are a few green spaces close by for residents to visit, including MacKinnon Ravine Park, and they are very well-distributed, which makes them very easy to get to.


Most of the housing growth in Grovenor happened pre-1960. The housing stock of this part of the city is composed predominantly of single detached homes and townhouses. Homeowners occupy roughly 70% of the units in Grovenor and the rest are rented. This part of Edmonton is primarily composed of four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes.

Single Family Homes For Sale Near Grovenor