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Single Family Homes For Sale in Belvedere, Edmonton

13 Single Family Homes For Sale in Belvedere, Edmonton

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Located within the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area, Belvedere is a neighbourhood within Edmonton, Alberta.


Belvedere affords home buyers several alternative modes of transportation. Physically active property owners will value the reasonably walk-friendly character of Belvedere; many daily needs can be met on foot. Moving around by bicycle is also easy in Belvedere because this part of Edmonton is home to a good bicycling infrastructure. The reasonably good public transit infrastructure makes transit a viable option for many people as a consequence of plenty of nearby rapid transit stations with access to the Route 512, and about 10 nearby bus lines. The best way to navigate Belvedere is very often a car. The majority of homes for sale are a reasonably short drive from the closest highway, and coming across a place to park is easy.


The nearest grocery store in Belvedere is usually only a short walk away. In addition, a restaurant is often just around the corner, for instance along 132nd Avenue Northwest, and a limited variety of cafes can be found as well. With respect to education, in Belvedere, parents and their children will usually be able to reach schools and daycares on foot.


The character of Belvedere is exemplified by its slower-paced atmosphere. This area is reasonably quiet overall, as the streets tend to be tranquil. Finally, it is very easy to reach parks from a lot of locations in the neighbourhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to discover.


There are equal parts owners and renters living in Belvedere. Small apartment buildings are the most common housing type, representing around 40% of buildings in this area, whereas the remainder are mainly single detached homes and townhouses. A majority of the housing growth in this part of the city happened in the 1960s and 1970s. This neighbourhood has a good variety of unit sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms.