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Real Estate Listings For Rent in Sandstone Valley, Calgary

Real Estate Listings For Rent in Sandstone Valley, Calgary

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Sandstone Valley

Sandstone Valley is a neighbourhood within Calgary, Alberta, which is located in the Greater Calgary metropolitan area.


Cars are a very good mode of transportation in Sandstone Valley. It is very convenient to park. However, Sandstone Valley is not an especially pleasant part of Calgary for moving around by public transit. Thankfully, property owners benefit from approximately 10 bus lines, and most houses are very close to a bus stop. This part of the city is not very appropriate for cycling since. Thankfully, there are few hills to confront cyclists. Sandstone Valley is also not very suitable for walking because meeting daily needs is at times challenging.


A vehicle is generally needed in Sandstone Valley to reach the closest grocery store. Residents are served by a few restaurants and coffee shops. In terms of education, it is a rather short walk to reach primary schools and daycares from anywhere in this part of Calgary. However, there are no high schools in Sandstone Valley.


Home buyers who prefer a slower-paced atmosphere will enjoy Sandstone Valley. Accessing parks is very easy in the neighbourhood since there are about 10 of them nearby for residents to visit. This part of Calgary is also very quiet, as the streets are generally very peaceful.


Most housing in Sandstone Valley was built in the 1980s, during its biggest construction boom. The predominance of single detached homes in the housing stock of this area is an important part of its character. Roughly 85% of the dwellings in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners whereas the rest are rented. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of three bedroom and four or more bedroom homes.

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